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Manifest with Tori DeSimone is a lifestyle podcast with a focus in manifestation, wellness, organization, and entrepreneurship. Manifest with Tori DeSimone listeners can look forward to new episodes every Monday that will leave them inspired and driven to tackle their week ahead, while walking away with tangible tools to apply in their lives. 

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How To Journal

How to Practice Manifestation in Your Daily Life

The Best Don't Get Bored of the Basics


I'm tori DeSimone

A self-made entrepreneur with a mission to spread a message of wellness, productivity, spirituality, and relatability. 

I started posting makeup tutorials on YouTube at the age of 14 not knowing where it would lead me. Fast forward 10 years, I now find myself as a Lifestyle & Wellness Vlogger, Podcast Host to “Manifest with Tori DeSimone”, Creator and Founder of The Manifest Planner, Owner and Instructor of 2 boutique fitness studios, Stride Spin and Fitness, and a girl in her 20’s trying to figure it all out while doing so. 

the manifest planner

Planners designed for a well rounded, productive lifestyle driven by manifestations, goals, and purpose.

The Manifest Planner has been a long time coming! This line of planners was created by a planner lover, for planner lovers. My intention for everyone that purchases The Manifest Planner is to provide a space for your ideas to blossom, for your goals to be exceeded by actionable, daily steps, and for your higher self to be filled with gratitude during this journey. If you fully utilize this planner to its capacity, you will find yourself living a well rounded lifestyle driven by manifestations, goals, and purpose.

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