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If you recently read my post about How to Begin Running, or listened to my Podcast Episode about Running, then you know I created 2 free running programs to help you incorporate running into your fitness routine. Please keep in mind that my mom, who was a huge runner, helped me with these plans but neither of us are professionals! Before you incorporate any running into your fitness routine, please progress slowly to avoid injury.

We have created 2 programs, 1 for a beginner and 1 for an intermediate runner. The beginner program are for those that don’t currently run or have a fitness routine, but are looking to begin running and developing a fitness routine. Intermediate are for those that currently have a fitness routine, but are looking to add running into your weekly regimen.

For a beginner who needs to build up to 1 mile (10-12 minutes) of running without stopping, there are lots of good apps. “Couch25K” and “None2Run” are both good walk/run programs to get you running. Both programs are behind a paywall but C25K is an 8 week program, N2R is 12 weeks, and both will get you running 30 minutes continuously.

If you can run 1 mile (about 10-12 minutes) without needing to stop, then you can safely ramp up your time and distances over a course of 6-8 weeks to incorporate 3-5 mile (or 30-50 minute) runs into your weekly cardio sessions. 

Try not to jump your distance and time up too fast. Even if your “long” run on the weekend seems like it’s only half a mile or 5 minutes longer than last week, it’s still your long run. Your total distance and time for the week should not increase more than 10-20% over the previous week. Slow and steady. 

You will notice the plan below is in minutes. Running by minutes rather than distance has helped SO MUCH with running. Once I started going by the minutes rather than the miles, I was able to run more and fall in love with it. If you need to run/walk the time, go for it! If you hit .5 miles in 10 minutes, awesome! If you hit 1.5 miles in 10 minutes, awesome! It’s about time on feet, not distance. Take it slow and run for time.


Here’s a plan for beginners who want to be able to run for 30 minutes several times a week. 

Week 1strength / yogarun 10 minutesrestrun 10 minutesstrength / yogarun 10 minutes30 minute walk30 minutes
Week 2strength / yogarun 12 minutesrestrun 10 minutesstrength / yogarun 15 minutes30 minute walk37 minutes
Week 3strength / yogarun 15 minutesrestrun 10 minutesstrength / yogarun 17 minutes30 minute walk42 minutes
Week 4strength / yogarun 17 minutesrestrun 10 minutesstrength / yogarun 20 minutes30 minute walk47 minutes
Week 5strength / yogarun 20 minutesrestrun 10 minutesstrength / yogarun 22 minutes60 minute walk50 minutes
Week 6strength / yogarun 22 minutesrestrun 10 minutesstrength / yogarun 25 minutes60 minute walk57 minutes
Week 7strength / yogarun 25 minutesrestrun 15 minutesstrength / yogarun 25 minutes60 minute walk65 minutes
Week 8strength / yogarun 25 minutesrestrun 20 minutesstrength / yogarun 30 minutes60 minute walk75 minutes

Week 9 and on: 30 minutes per day is your typical run. 


Here’s a plan for intermediate runners who want to be able to run for 60 minutes several times a week. If you want to, you can add a second strength/yoga workout after your short run day (Thursday in this plan). 

Week 1run 10 minutesstrength / yogarun 10 minutesrun 10 minutesrestrun 20 minutes45 minute walk50 minutes
Week 2run 20 minutesstrength / yogarun 10 minutesrun 10 minutesrestrun 25 minutes45 minute walk65 minutes
Week 3run 25 minutesstrength / yogarun 10 minutesrun 10 minutesrestrun 30 minutes45 minute walk75 minutes
Week 4run 30 minutesstrength / yogarun 20 minutesrun 10 minutesrestrun 30 minutes45 minute walk90 minutes
Week 5run 30 minutesstrength / yogarun 20 minutesrun 20 minutesrestrun 35 minutes60 minute walk105 minutes
Week 6run 30 minutesstrength / yogarun 30 minutesrun 20 minutesrestrun 40 minutes60 minute walk120 minutes
Week 7run 40 minutesstrength / yogarun 30 minutesrun 20 minutesrestrun 50 minutes60 minute walk140 minutes
Week 8run 50 minutesstrength / yogarun 30 minutesrun 30 minutesrestrun 60 minutes60 minute walk170 minutes

Week 9 and on: 60 min / 50 min / 30 min / 60 min is a good 4-day split that gives you 200 minutes of running per week. Keep 1 mid-week run as a shorter distance to add in strength training or work on speed during your run. 

I have a list of my favorite Running Products here if you are a beginner and not sure where to start.

I hope this running plan helps you get started! Please remember to progress slowly. If you need to repeat week 1 for 4 weeks until you feel comfortable moving onto week 2, then please do! Take the weeks and distances at your own pace (literally), and enjoy the journey!

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